We have materials to fuel all types of boilers and furnaces, depending on the calorie and granularity needed fuel. It is very important to ask before buying out the requirements which is held by the producer of your heating boiler. It is the type of coal, calorific and its granulation. 

Retail Prices for 1 ton

Orzech from 560zł *
Cube from 630zł *
Groszek from 500zł *
Eco coal from 500zł *
Ecopea from 560zł * to * 650zł


* All prices are gross prices and is included in the VAT

while wholesale prices (25 tons) Ecopea (Kazimierz Juliusz)

Ecopea (Piekary)


Coal nut (Wesoła-Myslowice)

When ordering more than 100 tonnes, prices are negotiable We also offer

receipts directly from the coal mine (notification), and were the Katowice Holding with a large discount.