And Commerce Agency "Zgoda" specializes in the trade solid fuels based on coal is to have carbon (from 19 to 25), ecopea, coal, grain, coal walnut, cube, coal, coke and fleet, the goods offered by us are of the highest quality and come only from Polish coal mines from the areas of Upper Silesia. We are not confined only to the Polish, but we also export our goods to the countries of the European Community.

Our agency since 2002, mainly deals with sales and distribution ekogroszku which has displaced a number of years, the traditional fuel Fuel won the most important item of fuel oil, this is due to the fact that the ekogroszek is currently the cheapest fuel oil which is available on the market in the appendix is much a more friendly environment for emitting 68% less harmful greenhouse gases into Earth's atmosphere so as not to result in a significant degree of global warming which is of great importance in today's times.